Padar Island Day Tour

Padar Island Day Tour is an exciting day trips to find your dreaming to see Komodo dragons and to find your amazing places that you have even seen before exactly Padar and Rinca island. Located is about 20 miles (30 km) from Labuan Bajo. Padar island a fishing town on the westernmost part of Flores. Padar is the third largest island part of Komodo dragon (a large type of lizard in the world) which is is growing to a maximum length of 3 metres (10 ft).  Padar is mostly savannah-covered and dry climate. However, In this tour, you will have opportunity to visit some beautiful islands such as Rinca Island, Padar island, Manta ray, Kanawa Island and Pink beach. Some other reptils such as  like Water Buffalo, Timor Deer, Snakes, Monkeys, Wild Horses and some beautiful birds that make it one of perfect place to visit. Here is a tour program on Padar Island:

Padar Island Day Tour Itinerary:

Sail from Labuan Bajo harbor at 06.00 am, then directly to Padar Island which takes 3 hours by local wooden boat. Arriving on the island of Padar, you will do trekking to see the amazing views of Padar Island and its surroundings. After that, proceed to Rinca Island where you will do trekking to see Komodo Dragon (a large type of lizard in the world) and other wild animals such as deer timor, buffalo, boar, etc. After trekking, we will proceed to Pulau Kelor where you can do snorkeling (as the best snorkel site in indonesia) and visit to Pink beach and relax around Pink sandy beach. Late afternoon, you will enjoy the amazing sunset on the way to Labuan Bajo and arrive around 6.30 - 07:00 pm.